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When it comes to wedding makeup do’s and don’ts, it is really important to listen to the professionals.

Do find your perfect primer. Every skin type deserves it’s primer match. A primer should balance and prepare your skin for the rest of the makeup.

Do find your ideal foundation. Is it dewy or matte, lightweight or full coverage?

Do make sure that you get your bronzer in the correct shade for you. Some can be very orange and this is not a good look when you are trying to create a natural looking makeup.

Don’t use cheap makeup brands because you are trying to save money, premium brands often far exceed the cheap brands in terms of their quality and application.

Don’t get carried away copying a makeup look that has been modelled by someone who is completely different looking from yourself – it will not look the same.

And don’t apply the makeup yourself if you are unsure or nervous about doing it – just use a professional and you will get a result which far exceeds anything you will be able to achieve when you should be feeling pampered and relaxed on your wedding morning.