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Your wedding makeup needs to stand the test of time just like your marriage. So to help it last as long as is possible in whatever conditions you are given on your big day, it is really important to take note of a few things.


Good skin is the first must for wedding perfect makeup. It needs to have been well looked after, with enough hydration and moisture, a good balance of oil and no sign of dead skin on it’s surface. If you have good skin, your makeup will not only sit better, but your makeup will also last longer as the skin will not need to soak up the makeup to hydrate itself or slide from your face as it is so oily.


Use primers wherever needed! There are appropriate primers for different parts of the face. A primer helps give the ideal surface for your makeup to hold to. I use them regularly and different primers can give different effects, you can get some which help to make the skin more matt and others which help to add a little glow to the skin, so using them wisely can be very effective in your end result.


Finally, after completing the makeup, a powder is always a handy tool in setting the products underneath it. It will give your makeup more holding power, and there are so many lightweight and translucent powers out there on the market that finding one that is barely there is really easy. You can even powder under the eyes and avoid that horrible crease which happens when you smile and are wearing concealer!