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As the winter climate approaches and the weather becomes far cooler, our skin is affected by the changes in temperature. It is very important to establish a good routine with our face as this will stand all brides in good stead when it comes to the perfect wedding makeup. Makeup is always bound to look more flawless on a smoother surface, so you need to care for your winter skin first and foremost.

Whatever your age, it is possible to have the most wonderful skin winter skin. It just needs to be looked after correctly in the winter. For a start, it is good to have the same routine which involves exfoliating those dead skin cells away and making it easier for your moisturiser to access where it needs to go. Buying an expensive moisturiser for it only to sit over the dead skin is a waste of your money.

Your skin care routine should be simple and effective for you. Perhaps you can see the first signs of lines – a great way to target these is by putting a wrinkle reducing serum on your skin prior to your night moisturiser.

In winter, you may experience chapped lips. It is good to invest in a hydrating lip balm to care for your lip. It is best to choose a lip balm high in emollients and to stop licking those lips! It may also be that in the winter, your skin pales and you start to feel a little greyer than usual. Why not find a great fake tan for your wedding day that adds that warm glow back to the face, making you feel a little perkier too.