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Your wedding makeup transformation will wow the crowds if you get it right. The key to successfully accomplishing the best wedding makeup transformation is to make it enough of a change that people are delighted by your decisions. But not the kind of wedding makeup transformation that makes people say that it didn’t really look like you.

The moment that your wedding makeup transformation is revealed to your guests, you want them to be impressed by what they see and recognise that it is you all at the same time.

Some brides decide to go for a wedding makeup transformation that involves some kind of additional lashes to enhance their eye makeup and make the eyes stand out in a photograph.

Some brides use their own natural beauty to guide their wedding makeup transformation, using the natural curl in their hair to guide their amazing up do for example.

However your wedding makeup transformation comes about and whatever wedding makeup transformation you make your own, wear it with confidence, as beauty is not only on the outside, but also shines from within.