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Getting your wedding hair style right can be a challenge. There are many things to consider before settling on a wedding style. It can be a little daunting to decide between hair up, hair down or even half up half down wedding hair.

You want to look your absolute best, so which suits you most? It is good to take into consideration your hair length when going for a hair down wedding style. Do you need to add any thickness or length by using hair extensions or do you have enough hair to get the look that you require? And again, when choosing a up-do for your wedding hair do you need any extra thickness? Hair extensions can really change your look, so they are worth considering.

Or are you hoping for a lighter feel to the hair, using your own locks, but styled out in a fabulous wedding hair style? Try looking for inspiration on google and start each day to wear your hair in various achievable wedding styles. Get photographic evidence of the styles and work out what it is about your hair off to one side or down with a side parting that you like. Then get this incorporated into your wedding hair style when you go to your wedding hairdresser and proudly wear a professional wedding hairstyle knowing you made the right decision for you!