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Your eyebrows frame your face and so making sure that they are in tip-top shape is of utmost importance when you prepare for a perfect wedding makeup.

I personally always recommend a brow wax and tint on your eyebrows to create a base shape and colour that will form the perfect brow, and then anything more can be added with makeup. It is not a permanent eyebrow service and so you can always go back to your old eyebrows if you do not like the results.

I have trusted Benefit Cosmetics with my eyebrows for years – since working for them in the days where they were in Selfridges, London. They take particular care over your eyebrow arch, and if you think that you have little/no eyebrow to work with, think again, as they can make your brows seem more full and luscious than ever with a clever tint that matches your natural hair colour, which is perfect for a wedding day. I find that the boutiques have the best range of colours for eyebrows as they stock the ashy tones too.

So give it a go, a new eyebrow look will transform your face and once you start, you will never look back.