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As the summer approaches, how our wedding makeup holds is of most significance as it is tested to it’s limits by the sunshine.

It can be that you spend hours outside in the heat and this will of course have a huge impact on the way your wedding makeup stay’s put throughout the day. You need a sweatproof makeup to last as long as possible in hot weather.

Using a fantastic primer is the best way to begin with any makeup that needs to withstand the elements.  A professional makeup artist will have this to hand and will know their primers inside out for your wedding day.

Then a fixing mist will also help to create that perfect base for your foundation. You will need a long wearing foundation, something that stays on for 12hrs or more so that it does not slide off the face in minutes of being outside.

Always use a waterproof mascara as this will not run or smudge in hot weather. And lock in the look by setting it with a powder foundation or a great powder so that it does not budge. And finally go in with another spritz of your setting spray so that it has the best chance of lasting you until night.