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Try Out Your Lashes First Before Your Wedding Day

Some brides choose to have a full face of makeup with lashes to compliment while others just want to look like themselves and have the lashes as their feature on their wedding day.

False lashes are usually applied by your makeup artist. I apply individual lashes or strip lashes depending on what you prefer for your wedding day.

I recommend going with the individual day lashes as they can be done in a way which is bespoke to your individual eye shape. They are also far lighter on lighter on your eyes  than the strip lashes or the permanent individual lashes and they look more natural than full-lash sets too. This can be a great advantage on your wedding day.

Take them for a test-drive first too, to make sure they feel comfortable, are applied in the varying lengths that you require and that you like how they look and feel. You will have the opportunity to try them out at your wedding makeup trial and if you decide to go for another type of look or no lashes at all all of the options are possible!