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Brides often ask me how they can keep their makeup looking fresh for the whole of the wedding. A good makeup artist will prep and prime your skin to give your makeup the best chance of staying put, but here are some extra tips for your big day. You can ask your mum or bridesmaid to carry any of the following items in their tote bag for you!

  1. Carry a top up matching your artist’s lipstick just in case you are spotted with a fading of the colour. You can ask your makeup artist for the colour and brand that they use if you want to go out and replicate the exact lippy.
  2. Have a few tissues at the ready for dabbing should any tears surface. Your makeup artist will use waterproof mascara and liner anyway to stop any running of black residue down your face, but it is always good to dab under the eyes with tissues.
  3. Have a concealer at the ready for tiny touch ups under the eyes after crying or on any break outs that might want to appear later on in the day.
  4. The excitement of the day may create some bridal shine on the T-Zone of your face. To combat this, use some Mac Blot Sheets to soak up any excess.

Have a lovely wedding day!