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It is important that you wear enough wedding makeup on your wedding day so that the camera can pick it up. You can still have a natural look but believe it or not, a natural wedding makeup requires a lot of skill on application and does mean you still need to have makeup on.

It is good to have an even skin tone. If you are blessed with skin that is blemish and scar free then your wedding makeup should be easy to keep natural. You will just need concealer over any difficult areas and the rest of the skin should be able to breathe and look like skin.

If you want to have wedding eye makeup that stands out, then your wedding makeup artist needs to use colours that enhance and compliment your eye colour. Lining the eyes can also add that definition and lashes whether false or real need to be dark so that they do not fade away when the camera captures your look.

A professional wedding makeup artist will know how much makeup is enough for your wedding pictures and when they find out what look you want, they should be able to use this combined knowledge to create you a look that feels like you but on a great day!