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I work as a wedding makeup aritst for Buckinghamshire and weddings in the surrounding areas.

My typical bride-to- be does not usually wear too much makeup at all on a daily basis, and does not want to look overdone on the wedding day.

So creating a ‘soft’ makeup look is the fantastic challenge that I embrace daily, but adapting to each bride’s particular likes so that everyone is happy. It is the wedding makeup artist’s job to enhance her features in order for the cameras to pick up definition where needed and to enhance her natural beauty.

With frequent air conditioning which our skin’s can be exposed to, the skin can often become dry and rough to the touch.

I really recommended booking in a few facials leading up to the wedding in order to have the perfect canvas to work from, and therefore not having to put on so much base on the wedding day. I am a strong believer that the more you look after your skin, the better your makeup will sit and look overall.

If you are a beautiful Buckinghamshire bride, then you may have just found yourself the perfect wedding makeup artist fit. I look forward to hearing from you soon!