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The more that you are listened to at your trial the better the outcome will be for your bridal look. If you can narrow down what you want using images then this is the best way to describe to your hair and makeup artist exactly what you are after.

It is difficult to just chat through a look as you may be imagining something completely different to what your artist is imagining and end up with their interpretation of your look. That is why being really clear as you go and checking things in the mirror will help so much to perfect your beautiful bridal look.

Bridal beauty is very personal. What you perceive to be beautiful may not apply to your friend. This is another reason why it is good to adapt any look to your individual needs. It may be that you love a ‘bridal beauty’ image that you have found on Google but that it would not simply work with your face shape or hair length.

You can adapt any look to suit your needs and maximise your bridal beauty. And the rest of your bridal beauty will all come from your inner confidence and happiness, as it will radiate through.