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I got married at the end of last month. As a full time wedding hair and makeup artist, it was an incredible experience going through every step myself. I have been lucky enough to do hundreds of wedding hair and makeup jobs, but being on the other side of things has given me a true understanding of what it feels like for all of my clients and a sensitivity to their needs.

I did decide to do my own wedding makeup as I have a lot of experience, all of the right products, and I find doing makeup very calming too. Hair and makeup for weddings needs to last the whole day because as a bride you do not want to miss a second of your wedding having to check your face or hair to see if it has changed. Therefore you must have it professionally applied with all of the long lasting tricks and tips that a wedding makeup artist will know for longevity.

I had my wedding hair professionally blow-dried and then styled it myself and made sure that it was ready for the wedding veil. I like my makeup to look fresh and make me look like a pretty version of myself. My wedding hair and makeup reflected me, I felt confident with my wedding makeup and therefore when I was photographed I also had a new found confidence.