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Having now been married, I can hopefully pass on some of the things I wish someone had told me.

  1. Test your spray tan if you are planning one at least once with the same person ahead of the day! There is nothing worse than being sat with your hands in bleach trying to scrub it off on the morning of the wedding.
  2. Test your permanent false lashes out at least once with the same person ahead of the big day. You may find that you just do not need them as often a bit of LVL treatment and a few individual non-permanent lashes come out far better on camera!
  3. Practice having pictures taken from a friend. No matter how wonderful your hair and makeup is going to look it can all be ruined by you pulling strange faces when nervous in front of a camera!
  4. Sit and let someone else pamper you. Even if you are a professional. I did my own makeup but had someone in to do my hair and having the time to be pampered was just wonderful and made me feel like a bride!
  5. Finally, make choices that ring true to yourself. If you do not normally have strong lipstick, don’t do it on your wedding day! If your nails are not normally long, do not add long tips, stick to your guns and let your gut instincts guide you!